Outings by Jim Witty

About the Annual Jim Jam

Jim Jam was organized to honor the birthday and spirit of Jim Witty and the music he loved. Jim Jam is a gathering of music lovers. Bring your instruments and voices. We'll play music that can be enjoyed by all. Whether you're a novice guitar player or a seasoned musician, ALL are encouraged to participate. Leave your inhibitions at home. Jim Jam is like singing songs around a campfire... without the fire.

Jim Jam is typically held on the second Sunday of March. 

Silver Moon Brewing
24 NW Greenwood (just east of Bond St.)
Bend, OR 97701
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
All ages welcome

• We encourage songs to be familiar and easy to play/sing so everyone can participate
• Bring typed lyrics with chord progressions to share if you like!
• We encourage everyone to participate in playing and/or singing

Email Mark Quon at mquon@quondc.com if you would like to honor a loved one who was passionate about music and has passed away.

 Jim Jam is UNPLUGGED except for a vocal mic which will be passed around to the main vocalist. We will have musicians/singers in the round and take turns playing songs and jamming. This is not a stage for solo performance. Please expect participation from the other musicians when you play.

Thank you to all of the musicians, singers and friends of Jim who come out every year to remember him.

A special thank you to Silver Moon Brewing for giving us a venue for Jim Jam. If you missed it this year, we'll see you next year!

For more information, contact Mark at mquon@quondc.com

Jim Jam Memorials:

  • Jim Witty (1958-2008)
  • Karin Skelton (1960-2010)
  • Dave Sheldon (1953-2010) 
  • Julie Jane Crial White (1966 - 2009)
  • Jimmy Pantenburg (1994-2009)
  • Brian Fricke (1961-2006)
  • Morris "UNC" Berman (1939-2008)
  • Phillip Hall (1900-1992)
  • Dorothy Hall (1900-1994)
  • Elaine Shapiro (1909-1970)
  • Shawn Wells (1968-2012)
  • Rosella (Rosie) Yoder (?- 2007)
  • Edna Witty (1920-2012)
  • Patrick McClure (1948-2014)
  • Elizabeth Healy Bonner (1924-2010)
  • Clare Mary Eddleston (1917-2009)
  • Linda Miller (1947-2009)
  • Dan Chavers (?-2011)
  • John Hancock (1947-2014)
  • David Bowie (1947-2016)
  • Dennis Jakab (1953-2015)
  • Tom Leonard (1959-2015)
  • Larry True
  • Mike Laseter