Outings by Jim Witty

Meet Me In The Badlands

Exploring Central Oregon with Jim Witty


Jim Witty wrote the Outing column for The Bulletin in Bend Oregon. In his articles, he took you with him on the trails, lakes, rivers and mountains of central Oregon. Jim's unique writing style won him many fans. He wrote like he was: friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic and humorous. No wonder his readers felt like they knew him, even though they never met him. 

 After Jim's untimely death in 2008, family and friends took it upon themselves to finish a project he was working on for years... to publish a book of his articles. With the help of The Bulletin and countless volunteers, this dream has become a reality.

The book titled "Meet Me In The Badlands: Exploring Central Oregon with Jim Witty."  It  features 95 selected articles as well as black & white photos of central Oregon.

Meet Me In The Badlands is currently out of print.